Your Personal Marketing Playbook: The Art of Creating Personal Capital On and Offline



Relationships sustain us.

Where would be without our parents, our children, our husbands, wives, significant others, friends, business colleagues, sports friends, neighbours, or casual acquaintances? It is safe to say that without relationships, we would be nowhere.

Mere shells of ourselves.

The same truth applies to the business world. In fact, relationships are the real DNA of the business world.

And, yet, very few business people see their relationships as a personal core asset, one that can be cultivated, nurtured and expanded into a key method of creating ongoing opportunity for themselves, and for everyone they meet.

We’ve written this book to recognize and honour this most undervalued asset in our business lives. Our goal is to help our readers, our clients, and our network members take advantage of the best asset that they have.

And have fun while doing so

As experts in the two most important channels for tapping into the full potential of our business relationships, we have joined forces to help our readers grow their relationships by growing themselves, both on- and offline.

Together, in Your Personal Marketing Playbook, we explore the plays, or tactics, that a business professional can use to develop his or her social capital, on or off line, to create the revenue they truly deserve – while enjoying their lives.

We call this collection of activities “Personal Marketing.”

We’ve developed a formula to help our readers see their opportunity more clearly, and it summarizes our recommended method of combining 160 referral marketing methods with the ever-expanding range of online tactics available today:

Referral Marketing Content Marketing = Personal Marketing = Success

We hope that you enjoy learning more about your wonderful asset. We also hope that the valuable knowledge in Your Personal Marketing Playbook brings you abundance beyond your wildest dreams

Best wishes for a smooth climb to success

Susan Crossman

Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Paula Hope

Town of Blue Mountains, Ontario, Canada

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