Young, Lost & Leaderless: Making & Losing a Million Dollars by 25

Author: Nick Bennett



What it’s really like trying to find yourself and build a career in your twenties while working for a newsstand-worthy bad boss.

By the age of 27, Nick Bennett had lived multiple professional lives. From working on oil rigs in the North Sea to diving off tropical reefs while in the Royal Australian Navy, launching a video-technology start-up into the USA–reaching almost a billion-dollar valuation, to the one his mother hates most of all–stripper. He’s now cemented himself as an entrepreneur in both the tech and media space and has been an advisor to more than a dozen start-ups.

From the middle of nowhere in Australia to Los Angeles, California, Nick’s path has been filled with twists and turns. Yet, through the successes, and more importantly the failures, he realized there is a disconnect between the advice given to young professionals and the advice needed to build a career in the modern business world.

Young, Lost & Leaderless is the story of what he’s learned while making and losing a million dollars by the age of 25. It’s a how-to, a how-not-to and above all a motivating guide to empower young professionals to try new things and take risks, regardless of the outcomes, because every misadventure is worth taking, even if just for the stories one gains.

ISBN: 9781925927719
Publisher: Wilkinson Publishing
Pub Date: 07/2022
Format: Paperback

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