You Might Die Tomorrow: Face Your Fear of Death to Live Your Most Meaningful Life

Author: Kate Manser



Are you living under the assumption that you’ll have time to do the things you want to do later in life?

Forget the idea that death is morbid, and start using it as your greatest motivation to live your best life while you’re still alive. Whether your dream is to quit your job, travel the world, be more present with your children or partner, or just really enjoy your life, remembering that you might die tomorrow is the perspective you need to start really living before you die.

This book offers entertaining stories, engaging studies, and powerful strategies – all to help you face your fear of death and light the fire in your gut to live your most meaningful life.

  • How Kate went from living in fear of death to make it her close friend and best source of clarity.

  • How to hack your fear of death for your benefit using the psychology of mortality awareness.

  • The life prioritization exercise that will help you zero in on how you want to live and give you the motivation to start today.

“Inspiring, motivating, and honest.”
BRAD MONTAGUE, Creator of Kid President

“An intelligent, funny, and motivating book. I recommend it to my patients and use it for my own growth. “
JESSICA COOPER, PSY. D., Trauma Psychologist

ISBN: 9781952018008
Publisher: Highline House Publishing
Pub Date: 02/2020
Format: Paperback
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