Yotsuba&!, Volume 7


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Mooooo… MOOOO… Cows are neato It’s fun pretending to be a cow And milk comes from cows, so I bet they’re real nice too. ‘Cos milk is super-yummy, right? Yotsuba thinks so And milk comes in lotsa flavors, so cows must come in different flavors too. How else is there white milk and coffee milk and chocolate milk? Then there’s the black and white cows, they’ve gotta make a super-secret special flavor, huh? Yotsuba wants to know Let’s go ask the cows at the ranch, Daddy Come on

ISBN: 9780316073257
Publisher: Yen Press
Pub Date: 12/2009
Format: Paperback
Weight: 0.48lbs
Size: 7.52h x 6.60w x 0.63d

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Weight 0.48 lbs
Dimensions 7.52 × 6.60 × 0.63 in