Work as a Spiritual Practice: A Practical Buddhist Approach to Inner Growth and Satisfaction on the Job


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Publisher: Harmony
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A guide to developing and maintaining a spiritual life on the job, drawn from the teachings and practices of Buddhist tradition.

Most people associate Buddhism with developing calmness, kindness, and compassion through meditation. Lewis Richmond’s Work as a Spiritual Practice shows us another aspect of Buddhism: the active, engaged side that allows us to find creativity, inspiration, and accomplishment in our work lives. With over forty spiritual exercises that can be practiced in the middle of a busy workday, Work as a Spiritual Practice is based on the principle that regardless of your rank and title at work, you are always the chief executive of your inner life.

Drawn from the author’s diverse professional experience–as a Buddhist meditation teacher, business executive, musician, and high-tech entrepreneur–Work as a Spiritual Practice addresses a wide variety of on-the-job problems. Here you’ll learn how to:

– perform spiritual practices while commuting to and from work
– meditate while sitting, walking, or standing–a minute at a time
– understand ambition, money, and power from a spiritual perspective

Work as a Spiritual Practice is an essential guide for anyone who wants to bring his or her spiritual life and work life together.

ISBN: 9780767902335
Publisher: Harmony
Pub Date: 02/2000
Format: Paperback
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