Without Excuse: The Compelling Evidence for Creation


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Without Excuse is the fourth in a series of unique devotionals which present the evidence for creation from every area of science. 365 different examples of how well science supports a biblical model for our origins are presented. Topics range from biology to geology, genetics to botany, anatomy to history, design to microbiology, Christian truths to cosmology. In addition, this latest volume includes QR codes on many pages linking readers 2-3 minute presentations providing further visual information of the subject presented on that page. This book is marvelously illustrated with over 300 color illustrations. It is written in a style that is appropriate to be read to even young children yet profoundly enjoyable for adults. The book also contains extensive references and includes topical, Bible verse, and subject indexes. It is a phenomenal source for homeschoolers, Christian parents, or anyone wanting to know more about nature or creation.

ISBN: 9781939456397
Publisher: Search for the Truth Ministry
Pub Date: 11/2022
Format: Hardcover
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Weight 1.76 lbs
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