Wisdom by Lester: Lester Levenson’s Teachings


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“You can have, be, and do whatever you will or desire. The only thing stopping you is the accumulation of negative thoughts and feelings which you are subconsciously holding. Remove these, and you remove the blocks to accomplish whatever you wish in life. Remove these, and you will find love, happiness, and joy beyond your wildest dreams. Remove these, and you are Free.”Love is a necessary ingredient on the path. To get full realization, we must increase our love until it is complete.”
Rats are considered to be one of the smartest species on earth. Yet, rats are easily lured into a death trap with a sweet promise of a good meal. There is no wisdom in being smart. Most people behave like smart rats. They are easily lured into a trap of misery with a sweet promise of happiness in money and fame. Thus they die to true happiness. Wisdom can only be found in the realization of Love and Freedom.

ISBN: 9781537265216
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Pub Date: 09/2016
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Weight 0.46 lbs
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