Wicca Encyclopedia: Candle, Herbal, Crystals’ Magic, Advanced Books of Shadows & Spells, Medieval Moon Magic Rituals, Tarot Secrets, Wicca


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⭐️ If You Are Looking for a Complete Guide for Handle and Develop Your Covert Magic Abilities Through Wicca, Then Keep Reading… ⭐️

Many people who belong to Wicca come to do so for their deep love of nature, their need for gentleness and balance in the world. However, many people outside the Wiccan faith often confuse it with Witchcraft. There is a difference between Wicca and Witchcraft, and you can be Wiccans without being a witch and vice versa. Due to its history, many claim Wicca to be a modern religion with roots in the ancient traditions of witchcraft.

Despite this confusion between Wicca and Witchcraft, Wicca is a peaceful religion, concerned with the balance of the soul and our harmonious relationship with nature, allowing us to connect with all living things and the divine. Witchcraft and Wicca are essentially the belief of individual free will, the understanding and relationship of the natural world, and the affirmation of the divinity in everything that surrounds us. The biggest concept in Wicca is responsibility – no one is responsible for the choices you make apart from yourself, as well as your deeds and actions.

The Wicca Encyclopedia(TM) includes:

★ Wiccan beliefs: Differences and Traditions

★ Wiccan Calendar: The Magical Wheel

★ Wicca for Beginners: Starter Kit

★ Wicca Book of Spells

★ Wicca Book of Shadows

★ Wicca Candle, Crystal and Herbal Magic

★ Wicca Moon Magic

★ The Secrets Tools of Wicca

★ Practise Your Skills to a New, Higher, and Powerful Level

And More 3 Books Bonus Paganism all You Need to know

Tarots For Beginners

Wicca VS Voodoo

⚠ Even If you’ve never cast a spell through Wicca, you can become expert through this complete guide and develop your magic skills to a new, higher, and powerful level.

Get in touch with the magic of the natural world and find her all the answers and a sense of fulfillment, satisfaction and inner harmony.

Are you ready to unlock your hidden powers?

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