Wicca Book of Spells for Beginners: The Ultimate Guide to Create, Personalize and Perform Your Own Magic and Rituals with Practical Guide to Cast Powe


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Does the magician in you allure you to study different types of magic?

Would you love to learn how to cast spells for Love, Prosperity, Gifts and much more?

Worry not Most people, if not all, have a part within them that believe, or want to believe in a world of magic. This enchanted world is filled with infinite possibilities and potentials where a nebula of spells, curses and charms exist to serve whatever desire you could ever dream of.

Within the pages of Wicca Book of Spells, you shall discover wonder-making spells and other incantations that can bring positive proficiencies in your life, if performed and studied with right motives and undivided attention.

Who should read this book?

If you are someone who:

  • likes to know anything about the craft of Wiccans, witches and magicians for information
  • likes to practice magic and spells but unsure where to begin
  • is a novice and want to develop basic tenchniques
  • is experienced who wants to improve your knowledge

then, this book is for you

What do I learn from this book?

Here’s just a small sample of spells included in Wicca: The Book of Spells

  • love spells
  • offering spells
  • gift spells
  • casting a circle
  • prosperity spell
  • unexpected expenses spell
  • magic money oil
  • and more

This book also contains information about the different types of magic and teach you never-before-told secrets like the best times and correspondences to make your spell work magnificently

The most effective magic is concentrated, unique, and pleasurable Enjoy trying out these spells and other workings If you wish, let them be a springboard of inspiration for refining your own magical practice.

To get started, do not delay and have this book in your possession now

ISBN: 9781658083232
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Pub Date: 01/2020
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