When a Friend Needs a Friend



Good friends stick together in fun times and hard times. When a Friend Needs a Friend is a gift for friends of all ages.

A wonderful story for children and adults that reminds us about the importance of feeling all of your feelings. ⁠– Amanda Mintzer, Psy.D, Child Mind Institute “The friendship between Oskar and Aya feels authentic, and the illustrations evoke ease and harmony.” ⁠– Tara Sanabria Davila, LCSW Assistant Professor of Social Work, Yale Child Study Center Aya and Oskar love to go on big adventures, build amazing creations, and make up stories together. But when Oskar gets sad, his feelings grow so big he doesn’t want to play. And that leaves Aya feeling hurt and confused. How can she help when she doesn’t know what Oskar needs? With candor and compassion, this heartfelt story shows that big feelings are a normal part of life — something to be felt rather than fixed — models how to be an ally when someone you love is hurting.

ISBN: 9781338813944
Publisher: Scholastic Press
Pub Date: 02/2023
Format: Hardcover

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