What is Green Spirituality?


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This is the introductory volume in an inspiring series of books about green spirituality, a type of spirituality that fits into no particular category of religion or spiritual belief system and yet is fully compatible with – and draws millions of adherents from – almost all of them.Green spirituality is based on a love of the Earth, the intrinsic value of all life forms, and a deep respect for the integrity of ecosystems and for the importance of biodiversity. It includes a belief in the total interconnectedness of the cosmos and offers a sense of identity rooted in being part of – and interdependent with – ‘all that is’. It regards Nature as a great teacher and as a revelation of the divine and holds ideals of peace, social justice, ecological justice, low-impact living and sustainability.The book describes and illustrates, through the well-blended voices of thirteen writers, the basic concepts and expressions of this rapidly growing kind of spiritual attitude in today’s world – what it is, where it comes from, who practises it and how and why. It covers a wide range of subject matter, from personal stories of spiritual awakening to scientific facts about the composition of soil and includes philosophical musings, practical suggestions, inspirational essays and poetry.

ISBN: 9780993598357
Publisher: Greenspirit
Pub Date: 08/2016
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