Weeping: The Soul of a Christian Nation


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Christianity has been defined and framed by the rulers of kingdoms, civilizations, and governments for thousands of years. A religion started in the name of Jesus is now under more scrutiny than ever, with people being divided over what it means to be humane, to be giving, and to have a good heart. To help ease those divisions, we must go back to the beginning of religion itself. This book takes a deep dive into what the Bible teaches and how those lessons have been interpreted throughout history. The author seeks to answer questions such as: – Will history prove that America has sustained her strength because of God’s grace and favor? – What exactly are Christian principles and what are the origins of these principles? – What does it really mean to “love they neighbor?” – What message did God give to His people to follow? Throughout the book, the author examines the cause and effect of religion-as well as the principles America was founded upon. He argues that if more people understood the Bible, the country would show more love to all of its citizens.

ISBN: 9781665723503
Publisher: Archway Publishing
Pub Date: 07/2022
Format: Paperback
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