Vincent Van Gogh and the Good Samaritan: The Wounded Painter’s Journey

Author: Henry Martin


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In this remarkable book, Henry Martin invites us to study in close detail van Gogh’s painting The Good Samaritan, and the famous parable told by Jesus of Nazareth. He asks what lessons we can learn from meditation upon the imagery and each of the characters portrayed. Questions for discussion and reflection on each chapter help us to relate the themes and challenges of the parable to our lives and the world we live in today. The book is also an engaging, personal study of van Gogh, the tragic genius of his life, and the struggles he faced which may have informed both his process and his spirituality. Martin has translated many of van Gogh’s letters, and, as an artist himself, brings a unique perspective to our understanding of both the painter and the parable.

ISBN: 9781913657345
Publisher: Darton Longman and Todd
Pub Date: 07/2022
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