Up Your Ass; And a Young Girl’s Primer on How to Attain to the Leisure Class


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I’m so female I’m subversive. Valerie Solanas. Readers of SCUM Manifesto! Behold as the literary heritage of Valerie Solanas redoubles before your eyes. This volume presents two rarities of Valerie Solanas. The legendary play Up Your Ass (1965/1967). And the story A Young Girl’s Primer on How to Attain to the Leisure Class (1966). Valerie Solanas (1936-1988) self-published a mimeographed edition of these two literary pieces in 1967, sold in select New York bookstores. For over two decades she tried to get her controversial play staged, but Up Your Ass wasn’t turned into a theatre production until 2000. A Young Girl’s Primer was first published in the men’s magazine Cavalier in 1966, and republished in the feminist newspaper Majority Report in 1975.

Those who fail to notice the satirical intentions of Solanas in SCUM Manifesto will surely reconsider after familiarizing themselves with the comic style of her play Up Your Ass.–From the Introduction by Kristian Carlsson

…funny, blunt, yes, brutal. Solanas has a sharp eye for the stupidities and failings of male-dominated society.–Boraas Tidning.

Valerie Solanas has that particular, American ability to twist desperation and bitterness into experienced, street-smart lines.–Svenska Dagbladet

Fiction. Drama. LGBTQIA Studies. Women’s Studies.

ISBN: 9789187341168
Publisher: Dracopis Press
Pub Date: 12/2021
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