Understanding Crack-ers: A spiritual approach to comprehending why some White people are so hateful


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The people screaming loudly to “make America great again,” are the ones most responsible for its troubles. America has pockets of greatness, and has had some great moments, but ALL of America is meant to be great. It’s not because crack-ers prevent it from happening.

They want to take the country backwards instead of aligning with progressive ideas that make it better. They want to increase the level of violence instead of doing what’s necessary to manifest peace. They want to oppress, deprive and assault as a function of patriotism when true patriotism includes a love they appear incapable of experiencing. They want to connive and destroy instead of relying on their inner brilliance to create a nation that works for everyone.

America cannot be great until it reconciles its unhealed trauma, most of it inflicted upon its Black citizens. Crack-ers – white people with a crack in their consciousness that blocks their innate goodness from guiding them – play a huge role in the nation’s direction. Do we move forward to embrace our greatness or do we defy evolution by clinging stubbornly to a painful past?

ISBN: 9798218077235
Publisher: Hollinger Publications
Pub Date: 09/2022
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