Ultimate Disaster Prep & Planning Handbook: SHTF Prepping, Bug In, Bug Out, Stockpile & Home Defense Guide



Ultimate Disaster Prep & Planning Handbook
SHTF Prepping, Bug In, Bug Out, Stockpile & Home Defense Guide

When I taught disaster survival courses, I always told people, SHTF preparation is not all about just stockpiling food, water and securing a shelter. Well think about it, if you only need to take shelter and hide for a week, yes, then it is fine to just have food, water, and a secure shelter.

But what if the disaster is truly a big and longer-lasting one? Would it be okay with just those three items? Or would you need to have a few more things to survive in the long run? Ideally, disaster preparation is much more than just that; a true preparation would be where you learn a few basic survival skills, master them, practice them, and become pro at them. To be truly successful, you need to take a comprehensive approach and look at the broader picture, and that is exactly what I have done in this book.

A true survivor is a person who knows how to survive in any situation and make the best out of it. A true survivor knows how to find food, water, or shelter when there is none. A true survivor knows how to deal with any emergencies when there is no 911 service to call.

Any book on this topic can show you how and what food to stockpile, but is that is just a small part of survival training, a big part of that training is where you learn what skills you will need, and how to learn and master such skills, what to use, how to use them.

In this Book You Will Learn and Master:

  • 3 types of Disasters
  • What and How to Prep
  • 7 Principles of prepping
  • 4 Layers of Prepping
  • How to create a full proof disaster Plan
  • 7 Must Follow tips for every planners
  • 19 Disaster Prep mistakes to Avoid
  • Special Prepping Considerations
  • How to Prep for the Elderly, children and pets
  • 5 Mush have Skills to Learn
  • 11 Survival Skills to Master
  • Disaster preparation and Fitness
  • How to get your home ready and prepped
  • What and how to use a Faraday Cage
  • What and how to Stockpile
  • How to save money on Stockpile
  • How to survive long term disaster and be self reliant
  • The 80/20 Rule of Prepping
  • 21 Free Disaster Preparation Items
  • Where and how to find cheap Gears
  • SHTF Practice Drills for various scenarios

My disaster survival course was taught in 3 separate segments. First, I taught and showed what disaster preparation truly is, which is what I show you in this book. Next, I taught and showed them what gears they need and how to use them the best way, and third, I taught them what to do during and after a major disaster. These three books are essentially the notes I followed when I taught “Disaster Survival,” to 17 groups of people in 5 different countries successfully.

Be Safe

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