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Author: Vlado Rahal


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Publisher: Balboa Press
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Vlado Rahal, Ph.D., began his search for the meaning of life early on, asking himself questions like “Who am I?” As time went on, the need to find an answer took priority in his life. As a teenager, he felt that all the explanations he had been given were not sufficient to help him gain a contradiction-free understanding of existence. At age seventeen, he began studying physics and mathematics, believing back then that the most fundamental natural science should provide the answers he was seeking. He thought that if he understood general relativity, space, time, cosmology, and the big bang-and if he understood how the visible universe came into being and how it evolved-then he might be able to arrive at a better understanding of how we came into existence, how it all happened in the first place, and why. He went on to earn numerous degrees, including a Ph.D. in theoretical physics, and thought he found the answers he sought-and he embraced atheism. But when his atheist worldview could no longer be reconciled with what he was experiencing in life, he was left once again searching for answers. This book shares some of the insights he gleaned on his journey.

ISBN: 9798765237205
Publisher: Balboa Press
Pub Date: 01/2023
Format: Hardcover
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