Triumphant: Reflections on the Healing Power of Love in a Family’s Struggle with Leukemia


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Publisher: Zonani Books
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Triumphant tells the author’s true story of her son Michael’s diagnosis of leukemia just before his seventeenth birthday, his subsequent courage during treatments, remissions, relapses, an extraordinary chord blood transplant, and a joint kidney and pancreas transplant-necessary due to damage caused by therapeutic drugs. As her son struggles to survive, Freda describes how such an illness affects an entire family. No one is spared. Photos help the reader to experience Michael’s positive force and the ‘never-give-up’ faith that Freda and her family kept through these difficult years. Together, they triumph with love and steadfastness. During their darkest hour of crisis, family and doctors witness within forty-eight hours a divine intervention, a visitation, a life restored, a gift given that will touch many lives for years. This amazing story is a testimonial of God’s extraordinary power and love. It teaches us to never lose faith, to never become hopeless, because, after all, our lives are in God’s hands.

ISBN: 9780985609900
Publisher: Zonani Books
Pub Date: 05/2012
Format: Paperback
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Weight 0.35 lbs
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