Trials of the Moon: Reopening the Case for Historical Witchcraft. A critique of Ronald Hutton’s The Triumph of the Moon: A History of Mode

Author: Ben Whitmore


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Publisher: Briar Books
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The ‘creation myths’ of modern witchcraft and Paganism were decisively toppled at the turn of this century in Ronald Hutton’s celebrated book, Triumph of the Moon. But did Hutton topple more than just myths? Are some truths also hidden in the rubble? Did paganism really die out centuries ago? Was witchcraft really no more than a fantasy? Were the Gods of Wicca really born out of the Romantic movement? Did Gerald Gardner lie about his initiation into witchcraft? Ben Whitmore has retraced many of Hutton’s steps, critically evaluating the evidence, and he now suggests that the truth may be quite different and even more fascinating. Drawing on a wealth of scholarly material, Whitmore demonstrates that the field of Pagan history is anything but barren ground – it is rich and fertile, and we have barely begun to cultivate it.

ISBN: 9780473174583
Publisher: Briar Books
Pub Date: 11/2010
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