Treasure of the Royal Armouries



A lavishly illustrated account of some of the most interesting pieces of arms and armor in existence.

This volume is a photographic journey through Britain’s national museum of arms and armor. It reflects the diversity of the Royal Armouries’ collection, which was assembled over many centuries at the Tower of London and now spans the ancient world to the present day. At the core of this journey is the museum’s unparalleled group of Tudor armors, which derive from the Greenwich Armoury of Henry VIII but also features European swords, paintings, and manuscripts. Stunning pieces from Asia are included, as are key items from the national collection of firearms, started in 1631 by Charles I and now housed at the National Firearms Centre, as well as larger guns from the National Artillery Centre at Fort Nelson. The 115 entries each tell compelling stories, tracing the histories of individuals, campaigns, and cultures across millennia. They also consider the place of arms in an increasingly turbulent world and the new challenges that technology presents to a modern army.

ISBN: 9781913013400
Publisher: Royal Armouries
Pub Date: 08/2022
Format: Hardcover

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