Toxic Relationships: Understanding all types of toxicity will help you to find freedom. Learn to set guidelines with parents and people. Yo

Author: Hope Utaram


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Your energy is limited – that’s a basic truth you need to accept. Just like a car running on gas, or a battery that’s slowly drained of power with each use, you too can run out of energy. But what sets you apart from these inanimate power sources is that you have a choice. You can choose where to spend your energy resources, and you can choose to avoid the vampires that sap you of vigor.

What’s unfortunate is that many of us don’t actually know where or who these energy vampires might be. So, we end up basking in their presence, spending all of our time with them, and losing our energy as a result of their toxic personalities.

Another issue is that many of us don’t know why we need to avoid these types of people. What’s so bad about having them hanging around? The thing about your energy is that it gives you the will to go through your day to day life – the less energy you have, the harder it becomes to cope with all the things you need to deal with.

Hanging around energy vampires can make you feel tired and unhappy and might make it difficult to find the willingness to go through everyday life. But there’s more to them than just that.

When an energy vampire takes your positive energy, they replace it with negative energy. So aside from making you feel tired and unwilling, they can also plant seeds of anger, hate, sadness, bitterness, and other negative feelings that can have a strong impact on your outlook and the way you associate with other important people in your life.

Soon enough, you yourself might become an energy vampire – bringing a cloud of sadness, anger, and destruction to the lives of others around you. And that isn’t something any of us should ever want to be.

Energy vampires exist all around us, and some of them might be less apparent than others. Taking the form of family members, close friends, and trusted coworkers, these people can effectively hide their true form and fool you into maintaining them in your life just so they can continue to exercise their power over your emotions.

However, just like those ever-popular Hollywood vampires, real-life energy vampires can only enter if you invite them in. If you can figure out how to spot them in your life, you can cut them out, shut the door, and limit your interactions with them so that you won’t have to suffer their toxicity.

Now, you might be wondering, how exactly can you tell where these energy vampires are? What do they look like and how do they act? If they’re close friends or family members, how do you cut them out without making them feel unwanted or disrespected? And finally, how can you protect yourself from letting new ones enter your life?

In this book, you will learn more about:

  • Comfortable with not knowing
  • Causes of toxic/negative behavior
  • Setting boundaries
  • Moving on
  • The toxic termination process
  • Exercises to try
  • Public and private images of narcissists
  • A narcissistic mother’s daughter
  • Beating the narcissists at their own game
  • Statistics on narcissistic personality disorder
  • … AND MORE!

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