Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth


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This is a fascinating narrative that reveals the cosmic forces that have been in play over the past 66 years. Help has come from the outside to preserve the human race.

In 1945 when the atomic bombs, our protectors and watchers in outer space saw that Earth was on a collision course with disaster. The prime directive of non-interference prevented them from taking any action, but then they came up with a brilliant plan to save Earth and assist her in her ascension. They couldn’t interfere from the outside, but maybe they could influence from the inside. So the call went out for volunteers to come and help. Earth is in trouble – who wants to volunteer?

Dolores Cannon, through her hypnosis work has discovered three waves of these volunteers. Some have come direct from the Source and have never lived in any type of physical body before. Others have lived as space beings on other planets or other dimensions. Because all memory is erased upon entry to the Earth dimension, they do not remember their assignment. Thus these beautiful souls have a difficult time adjusting to our chaotic world. These souls have a vital role to play as they help all of the rest of us ascend to the New Earth.

ISBN: 9781886940154
Publisher: Ozark Mountain Publishing
Pub Date: 06/2011
Format: Paperback
Weight: 1.44lbs
Size: 8.49h x 5.57w x 1.12d

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Weight 1.44 lbs
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