Think Your Way to Wealth: Learn Money-Making Secrets & Grasp This Opportunity to Think Your Way to Wealth!


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A master plan for success based on the original interviews with steel magnate Andrew Carnegie that inspired Napoleon Hill’s bestselling books Think and Grow Rich and The Law of Success.

Discover how to win riches, influence, and peace of mind using the success philosophy that Hill developed through his conversations with Carnegie and over 500 of America’s wealthiest and most successful entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and cultural icons.

In 1908, Hill’s life was forever changed when he was tasked with reporting on Carnegie’s success principles for a small-town newspaper. From this interview series Hill extracted a success formula responsible for Carnegie’s extraordinary achievement–one that Carnegie challenged Hill to refine by spending the next 20 years studying and interviewing America’s most prosperous businesspeople. Now you have access to the penetrating questions and incisive dialogue that generated Hill’s Science of Success philosophy, newly condensed and modernized for the contemporary reader.

Originally published in 1948, Think Your Way to Wealth presents all seventeen principles of success as they were first described to him by Carnegie and other high-achieving individuals. As you eavesdrop on the conversations between Hill and Carnegie, you will learn the building blocks of success and how to implement them to completely transform your life. Any individual–regardless of education, resources, or profession–can apply these principles to achieve their vision for success, just as Hill himself did following these discussions.

As Carnegie says, “No great achievement is possible without the aid of other minds.” Join the Master Mind that produced the most famous success system of all time and leverage their insight to drive your personal achievement–so you can truly Think Your Way to Wealth.

ISBN: 9781640953727
Publisher: Sound Wisdom
Pub Date: 04/2022
Format: Paperback

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