The Yorkshire Ripper: Britain’s Most Notorious Serial Killer: Crimes of Pure Evil


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THE YORKSHIRE RIPPER: Britain’s Most Notorious Serial Killer: Crimes of Pure EvilNot since the crimes of Jack the Ripper in 1888 has a British murderer made such a lasting impact on the world.
The Yorkshire Ripper holds one of the highest body counts in recent memory; 13 murders and a string of other attacks which would later yield additional deaths and tragedy. The frequency at which Peter Sutcliffe mercilessly took lives is something which few modern serial killers will ever surpass.
What makes Peter Sutcliffe a figure of terror is the fact that he is simply a working class everyman, but one who harboured a violent compulsion he was unable to control. The fact that the Yorkshire Ripper evaded capture for six years, despite being at the forefront of investigations, is a testament to his ability to hide in plain sight. It is Peter Sutcliffe’s banality which adds an additional layer of fear to an already terrifying character.
The Yorkshire Ripper: Britain’s Most Notorious Serial Killer is part of the Crimes of Pure Evil Series, which looks at the dark truth of some of the world’s most horrific serial murderers.
“An uncomfortable but fascinating read”
“A must-read book for anyone interested in criminal psychology”
“A portrait of pure evil…”

ISBN: 9781520732794
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