The Yogi Entrepreneur: A Guide to Earning a Mindful Living Through Yoga

Author: Darren Main



Many yoga teachers are great at teaching, but often struggle with the business of yoga. Finding a balance between sharing yoga with the world and running an ethical business can be challenging. The Yogi Entrepreneur is the definitive manual on starting and growing a yoga business. Whether you are an established teacher, looking to expand your student base, a new teacher fresh out of yoga teacher training, or you are simply considering signing up for your first yoga certification course-this book is for you.

The Yogi Entrepreneur offers chapters on becoming a yoga teacher, marketing and branding, ethics, leading retreats and workshops, developing a WordPress website, managing social media like Twitter and Facebook, and many other important skills for success as a teacher or yoga studio owner. With scores of resources, low-cost marketing tips, and time-saving tools, this book is a yoga teachers toolbox.

The Yogi Entrepreneur has been used in hundreds of teacher training programs around the world and has helped thousands of yoga teachers to find their audience, define their brand, and share their unique approach to yoga more effectively. Whether your teaching is rooted in more traditional styles of yoga like Iyengar, Kripalu and Integral, or in more contemporary disciplines such as Forrest, Bikram, Baptiste and Anusara yoga, the simple and straightforward tools outlined in these pages will help you to reach your true potential as a yoga teacher.

If you are ready to jumpstart your yoga and meditation business then look no further


Darren Main has written another exceptionally practical book for yogis, this one a gem that every yoga teacher should have at his or her fingertips in opening to make a livelihood.
-Mark Stephens,
 Author of Teaching Yoga

When I read Yogi Entrepreneur, I was struck not only by Darren Main’s thoughtfulness about the topic and his experience in the field, but also by the personal and very real way he conveyed his information. It was more like having a very useful and interesting conversation with a wise and funny friend rather than reading a “how to” book.
-Judith Hanson Lasater, Phd., PT,

 Author of Yoga Body, What We Say Matters and 30 Essential Yoga Poses

For the yoga teacher looking to make a career of doing what they love, Darren Main’s book, The Yogi Entrepreneur, is invaluable. We will highly recommend it to our teachers and those in our Teacher Training programs.

-Trevor Tice

, Founder CorePower Yoga

Finally, a much needed book on the business art of yoga. Many of us have the skills and wisdom of yoga to proficiently reach out to people as teachers. Managing the business end of yoga is our downfall. Highly skilled and extraordinary yoga teachers whose careers are shining successes ultimately fail due lack of business skills. This book is a powerful guide to facilitate what teachers are qualified to offer and at the same time make a successful living for themselves.
-Yogi Amrit Desai

, Founder of Kripalu Yoga and author of Amrit Yoga

Darren Main has done it again with the Yogi Entrepreneur. His in depth analysis and advice offers unique insight that you won’t find in yoga manuals. This masterful book, like his second book Yoga and the Path of the Urban Mystic should be required reading in all teacher training courses.
-Darren Littlejohn, 

Author of the 12-Step Buddhist

Darren Main has created an incredibly clear road map on how to build your career as a professional yoga teacher The Yogi Entrepreneur is an exceptional resource for new and seasoned teachers alike. We recommend this book to all of our Teacher Training graduates.
-Rasha Pensanti Shakeri Director, YogaWorks Teacher Training

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