The Wizard of Buckler’s Hard: Volume 1


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Publisher: Bookbaby
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Many years ago, a Pict warrior and shaman from the north left his village to bring magic to a small, southeastern English hamlet. Decades later, his acolytes formed the powerful Dragon Clan. As time passed, the clan’s leadership became corrupted by autocracy. Ivor, a young man driven by anger and revenge, is set on justice after the clan punishes his family for his grandfather’s failure. After his family is humiliated, he dedicates his life to regaining power and taking back the Dragon Clan’s leadership.
Like kingdoms of old, a proper marriage is essential to attain clan leadership. Ivor has his eyes on Grace Kinbourgh, the daughter of a prominent clan member. Surely, Grace would jump at the chance to marry such a powerful man. Soon, all of Ivor’s carefully crafted marriage plans are disrupted by a Texan rancher and a dragon hatched in his stock tank. Will Ivor redeem his family’s legacy? Will Grace accept his proposal? Most importantly, who will dominate the magical world?

ISBN: 9781667874388
Publisher: Bookbaby
Pub Date: 02/2023
Format: Paperback

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