The Wendals


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When Austin finds out his best friend Steve’s home is being foreclosed on, which would force his friend to move out of state, he and his group of best buds, the Wendals, set off on a journey to save their pal, and to keep the Wendals together; setting them on a collision course with a notorious and dangerous local bank robber.

Set in Southern California in the late nineteen nineties, The Wendals is a Young Adult novel about an extremely tight-knit group of teenage boys, who have a serious knack for getting into trouble together. Austin, the leader of the pack, is obsessed with his group of friends–especially his best friend Steve–and would never let anything come between them. He also has an odd obsession with a local bank robber, known as Bart the Burglar, who has been successfully evading the police for quite some time. When Steve’s mom falls into serious financial trouble, Austin concocts a plan to hunt down the local bank robber’s hidden stash of money, in hopes of being able to pay off Steve’s family debts. What follows is an epic adventure that will pit the Wendals against bullies, wild animals, an angry fugitive, and even themselves. How far will Austin go to save his friend and to keep the Wendals together?

The Wendals is the next big young adult/middle grade adventure book. A thrillingly fun story about friendship, family, bravery, and being there for the ones you love. Packed full of page-turning suspense, excitement, and teenage hijinks, The Wendals is the perfect book for boys and girls ages 10-15. Anyone who is a fan of Holes, The Outsiders, Percy Jackson, The Goonies, and The Sandlot, will absolutely love The Wendals.

“This tale of true friendship will make you yearn for a time when MTV played music videos and being friends wasn’t done on a computer.” (Amazon Reviewer)

“Every mom wants their kid to grow up with a group of friends like the Wendals: they’re loyal, fun, active, and most importantly, they get in the *right kind* of trouble.” (Amazon Reviewer)

“Such a fun, uplifting story ” (Amazon Reviewer)

“The best book I have ever read ” (Amazon Reviewer)

“A fun and original book. I laughed so many times while reading this and could not put it down.” (Amazon Reviewer)

“Great read for the whole family Fun coming of age story with a bit of action and a lot of heart. Reminded me of The Goonies ” (Amazon Reviewer)

ISBN: 9798679290969
Publisher: Independently Published
Pub Date: 08/2020
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Weight 0.91 lbs
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