The Vanquished, 4: A Bruno Johnson Novel

Author: David Putnam



Best-selling author of the Bruno Johnson Crime Series

“Bruno Johnson believes so passionately in justice that he’ll lie, cheat, and steal to achieve it–and he’ll pulverize anybody who gets in his way” —Booklist

Former cop and ex-con Bruno Johnson and his wife Marie, living in their safe haven in Costa Rica with the children they illegally rescued from certain death, find a message from their outlaw motorcycle gang enemies–written on the back of one of their beloved children.

The motorcycle gang, Sons of Satan, out for revenge, will stop at nothing to lure the now furious Bruno back into their web. Bruno and Marie, forced to return to Southern California, battle additional demons in the form of an ex-spouse’s entanglements.

The FBI, watching the Sons of Satan, recognizes Bruno’s unique skills and ties. They recruit him to recover a stolen military drone armed with Hellfire missiles, while Bruno struggles to keep pregnant Marie out of the crossfire. Ultimately, Bruno’s inability to ignore a woman in peril yields unspeakable consequences.

Perfect for fans of David Baldacci and Robert Crais

While all of the novels in the Bruno Johnson Crime Series stand on their own and can be read in any order, the publication sequence is:

The Disposables
The Replacements
The Squandered
The Vanquished
The Innocents
The Reckless
The Heartless
The Ruthless
(coming February 2021)
The Sinister (coming February 2022)

ISBN: 9781608092796
Publisher: Oceanview Publishing
Pub Date: 01/2018
Format: Paperback
Weight: 1.04lbs
Size: 9.02h x 5.98w x 0.72d

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Weight 1.04 lbs
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