The Unvisible


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Publisher: Penguin Books
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THEY ARE HERE Alex, a struggling journalism student, begins a school project about children’s stories of invisible friends. Because of her project, Alex gets invited to a secret society – Carte Blanche – that studies the existence of an invisible human race. The more she learns, the more she starts to be intrigued by the possibility of these stories actually being real. Alex learns that anyone who reveals the existence of The Unvisible will be killed, because The Unvisible know that if humans found out about them, humanity would kill them. Humans kill everything that we perceive to be a threat to our existence. As Alex gets drawn into the alluring world of The Unvisible, she also needs to fight with the trauma of having her world view turned up-side-down, and the profound loneliness that comes from not being allowed to share humanity’s biggest secret. With feelings of inferiority and doubt she struggles to take the lead to save herself, her family – and humanity. Life is Beautiful. Death is Eminent.

ISBN: 9789814954556
Publisher: Penguin Books
Pub Date: 02/2022
Format: Paperback

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