The Uncommon Appeal of Clouds


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Nothing captures the charm of Edinburgh like the bestselling Isabel Dalhousie series of novels featuring the insatiably curious philosopher and woman detective. Whether investigating a case or a problem of philosophy, the indefatigable Isabel Dalhousie, one of fiction’s most richly developed amateur detectives, is always ready to pursue the answers to all of life’s questions, large and small.

Isabel Dalhousie, the Edinburgh philosopher and amateur sleuth, answers an unexpected appeal from wealthy art collector Duncan Munrowe. A work by the celebrated French artist Nicolas Poussin has been stolen from Munrowe’s private collection. Never one to refuse a request for help, Isabel agrees to help recover the painting, and discovers that the thieves may be closer to the owner than he ever would have expected.

Meanwhile, Isabel and her husband Jamie suspect that their three-year-old may be a budding mathematical genius. Then there is the question of whether Isabel should help a young couple who want to move in together–against the wishes of the girl’s parents. As she wrestles with these problems, Isabel finds herself tested as a parent, a philosopher, and a friend. But, as ever, her good sense, quick wits, and kind heart will help her come to the right solution.

ISBN: 9780307949233
Publisher: Anchor Books
Pub Date: 07/2013
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