The True History of Planet Earth and it’s Aliens



In this book, the author has looked at and studied during his lifetime the many theories and beliefs of the creation of earth, our solar system, the universe, and everything in it–including all the organics, plants, animals, humans, extraterrestrials, spiritual, and other realms of existence. Included in this book are the studies of extraterrestrials that have been listed in five different categories and their influence on earth throughout history from the ancient past to the present day. The author speaks at length on the prevailing beliefs and theories of evolution, religious and ancient histories, and the ancient astronaut theorists.

Included is a study of the laws of creation and life, which is truth and reality throughout the entire universe. He also speaks of the beliefs of other sects in the world today and throughout all of world history. He tells of the four different tragedies that happened in the world and our solar system in the last six thousand years–the who, how, why, and when of them.

He lists the interpretations of history and prophecies that came to light and were reported in the 1950s and 1960s that seem to have been pretty much forgotten. He brings to light the misinterpretations and mistranslations of biblical history and the great many histories of the world, including the many histories of the Americas.

ISBN: 9781638856474
Publisher: Covenant Books
Pub Date: 05/2022
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