The Title IX Guy: Several Short Essays on Masculinity (Both the Good and Bad Kind), Rape Culture, and Other Things We Should Be Talking


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Publisher: Nanny Goat Press
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James J. Wilkerson has spent his career speaking out on behalf of others. In this debut collection, Wilerson discusses his own experiences with masculinity and the ways it impacts our culture. As a lawyer, an advocate, and a fraternity alum, Wilkerson has a uniquely inside look into the ways society has created and defined what it means to be “a man.” Through these essays, he takes a look at how we got here and lays out just how much we would all benefit from a cultural course correction.

James Wilkerson holds his Masters degree in communication from Bellarmine University and his Juris Doctorate from the University of Louisville. He is the founder of Greek Law: a sexual assault prevention and consent program for fraternity and sorority chapters. He has gone on to write extensively about sexual assault through a legal lens.

ISBN: 9781954002036
Publisher: Nanny Goat Press
Pub Date: 05/2021
Format: Paperback
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