The Tiger and the Wolf


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Publisher: Pan Books (UK)
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Maniye’s father is the Wolf clan’s chieftain, but she’s an outcast. Her mother was queen of the Tiger and these tribes have been enemies for generations. Maniye also hides a deadly secret. All can shift into their clan’s animal form, but Maniye can take on tiger and wolf shapes. She refuses to disown half her soul, so escapes, rescuing a prisoner of the Wolf clan in the process. The killer Broken Axe is set on their trail, to drag them back for retribution. Maniye’s father plots to rule the north, and controlling his daughter is crucial to his schemes. However, other tribes also prepare for strife. Strangers from the far south appear too, seeking allies in their own conflict. It’s a season for omens as priests foresee danger, and a darkness falling across the land. Some say a great war is coming, overshadowing even Wolf ambitions. A time of testing and broken laws is near, but what spark will set the world ablaze?

ISBN: 9781447234579
Publisher: Pan Books (UK)
Pub Date: 01/2017
Format: Paperback
Weight: 0.95lbs
Size: 7.70h x 5.10w x 1.50d

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Weight 0.95 lbs
Dimensions 7.70 × 5.10 × 1.50 in