The Threshold Between Loss and Revelation


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This is a book of aliveness and brilliance; a luminous synthesis of sacred, eloquent creativity; a unique collaboration between Rashani R a and Francis Weller, two compassionate authorities known for their revolutionary work and healing presence.A “journaling edition” is also available, which contains 96 blank pages, for those who want to add their reflections and insights as they journey through this book. As we turn each page, we become increasingly aware of the inseparable union of unconditioned Awareness and our conditioned experiences-what Peter Fenner calls “The Co-emergent Wisdom of Just This.” Rashani and Francis are skilled toolmakers who masterfully guide us through the raw vulnerability of grief to a place of reverence for the journey, offering a balm to the nomads of this harsh terrain. “The Threshold Between Loss and Revelation” infuses our lives with an immediate sense of perspective-deeper than, and beyond, conceptual understanding, inviting us to consider that suffering is an option, not an inevitable, ongoing condition Rashani R a’s 108 stunning, full color collages are accompanied by six chapters of exquisite, soulful writing by Francis Weller. Each collage contains inspired words from more than fifty women and men, whose insights invite us to glimpse That which is unbreakable and whole-That which has been colored by experience (and grief) yet not harmed or changed by any degree of pain or suffering.This book is a compass, a lamp, a valuable guide It is a remarkable embodiment of the ancient Tibetan practice of Tonglen. Throughout these pages you will find a spaciousness for cultivating mercy and equanimity in the presence of grief and despair. R a and Weller have breathed in personal and collective pain and are breathing out compassion, wisdom, wakefulness, and beauty. You can but hold this book and reach a peace you thought unattainable. But read it for perspective, and for the love of art and solace.

ISBN: 9781548743086
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Pub Date: 07/2017
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Weight 1.17 lbs
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