The Text Book of Weightlifting

Author: Arthur Saxon



“To my mind, every man should devote at least some small attention to Weight-lifting. I don’t think that I have come to this conclusion simply because I myself have gained some distinction as a weight- lifter, but rather for the reasons set forth below. First of all, why does a man learn to box ? Well, because it is asserted that every man should learn how to defend himself in case of necessity. A good and sufficient reason, you will say. The same may also be put forward as an excuse for learning wrestling and ju-jutsu no doubt, but I am inclined to fancy that the noble art would possibly be more useful than either. As to fencing, club-swinging, etc., I know no reason for their practice except it be that of pleasure or a desire for physical exercise, which said reasons may be equally advanced for Weight-lifting, which it will, I think, be further readily admitted is the most sure and certain means of developing strength -a quality which would be most undeniably useful in any means of self-defence. Now, beside all this, every man in every walk of life is certain, sooner or later, to be confronted with a heavy object, bulky or otherwise, which he strongly desires to lift”. – Arthur Saxon This is an original version, restored and re-formatted edition of Saxon’s 1910 classic. Visit our website and see our many books at

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