The Struggle and How We Slayed the Dragon



From being successful business owners to going three years without income, losing significant clients, incurring major layoffs, betrayal, and exhausting personal finances, our story is meant to inspire small business owners, entrepreneurs, and those thinking of starting a business that the power of faith, trust, and perseverance can triumph all adversaries.

As my wife and I look over the past twenty years that we have been in business, we are so grateful and humble for the love and support God has given to us. We are also grateful for God’s strength during the most adverse times in our lives where the many setbacks and tribulations we’ve encountered almost wiped us out completely. We were one bad decision away from losing it all. However, through God’s grace and mercy, he kept us in his righteous right hand the whole time.

This book was written to be as transparent as possible in exposing to our readers the difficulties my wife and I encountered and endured as business owners.

Expressing our emotional, financial, physical, and creatively fatigued stress and how we overcame each and every one of them is the sole purpose of this book! There aren’t any business textbook principals discussed in this book, but there are many examples of how God changed our situations from bad to good. Whether you are single or married, in a business, there is always some significant other, wife, husband, or family member that is affected the same way as you are. So we decided, before we started writing this book, that we would give our individual perspectives so that everyone could actually relate and understand that whatever they are thinking during difficult times, they are not alone.

Despite me and my wife’s sixteen-year age difference, opposite personalities, different faiths, and being raised in different countries, we were able, through God’s love and strength, to conquer our differences, doubts, and fears with confidence in knowing that if we stay grounded in the Word and patiently hold firm to our hope in God and consistently stay in prayer, he would give us the power to slay the dragon, and he certainly did!

God bless each and every one of you!

ISBN: 9781685173869
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc
Pub Date: 06/2022
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