The Stones Cry Out: How Archaeology Reveals the Truth of the Bible



Were Sodom and Gomorrah real cities, and were they really destroyed in catastrophic firestorms? Can we respond to the historians who have long claimed that King David was only a mythical figure? Is there archaeological evidence for Jesus’ historical existence here on earth?

In recent excavation, archaeologists have unearthed both surprising and substantial answers to these questions and others. Pottery shards, stone inscriptions, ancient scrolls, and other fascinating artifacts have shed new light on the people and events of the Bible–bringing them from the realm of mystery to the world of fact.

Discover what new archaeological finds have to tell us about Israel’s journey to the promised land, the fall of Jericho’s walks, the ark of the covenant, the kings and prophets of Israel, the Assyrian and Babylonian invasions, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the time and people of Jesus, and more. Includes testimonies and interviews from leading archaeologists and exciting pictures featuring the latest finds made in the lands of the Bible.

The Stones Cry Out will give you a new appreciation for both the world and the Word of the Bible

ISBN: 9781565076402
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
Pub Date: 11/1997
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Weight 1.02 lbs
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