The Splendid Tale of Figerly Bunny: a story of dreams come true


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Figerly Bunny loves to dance ballet. She also loves school, her friends, and Fairies. One night, she makes a special wish and is paid a visit by a magical friend and something truly magical happens! She ends up having a day like never before…

Figerly Bunny is a fairytale story for children. Figerly Bunny is a real stuffed animal, named by Andrew’s daughter, Lila, and this is her story.

From the author:
My daughter asked me to write her a fairy tale, so I took her seriously. I used elements from her real life in the story to make it more special for her. This is my first book, but not my last. I felt it was important to include a message of some kind in the story, as I believe that teaching through story is a great way to convey morals & ethics. The story of Figerly Bunny is primarily a story of gratitude; one of the most important principles to keep in your heart (in my opinion).

ISBN: 9780578260174
Publisher: ISBN Services
Pub Date: 04/2022
Format: Paperback
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Weight 0.14 lbs
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