The Soul Drinkers Omnibus: Volume 2

Author: Ben Counter


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Publisher: Games Workshop
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Great value omnibus featuring the illfated Soul Drinkers!

The renegade Soul Drinkers continue their misguided campaign to free mankind from the tyranny of the Imperium in this second omnibus of three novels and a novella by Ben Counter.

In Chapter War, the Soul Drinkers, harried by loyalist Space Marines, fall into the grip of a devastating civil war. Hellforged sees the Chapter fleeing into the mysterious Veiled Regions where they encounter a new threat – the necrons. As they battle the undying aliens, the Soul Drinkers’ past catches up with them as the Imperial Fists – their spiritual progenitors – arrive. Captured and put on trial, Sarpedon must find a way to save his warriors even as the Imperial Fists’ mighty starfort Phalanx comes under attack from a horde of ravening daemons. And the writings of Chaplain Daenyathos have guided the Soul Drinkers for millennia… but a dark secret lurks at their heart.

ISBN: 9781804070048
Publisher: Games Workshop
Pub Date: 12/2022
Format: Paperback
Weight: 1.08lbs
Size: 7.80h x 5.13w x 1.79d

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Weight 1.08 lbs
Dimensions 7.8 × 5.13 × 1.79 in