The Sink: Leave It Better


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If you read one book this year it must be The Sink. – Bob Kraut, CMO, Board Member, Investor

Walter Nusbaum, and WSJ & USA Today bestselling author Daren Martin, PhD bring us this amazing true story that birthed a movement that has changed companies and individuals forever.

The Sink’s simple idea has sparked change at companies all over the world including a large Children’s hospital system that bought a copy for all 6,000 members of their team.

Like the book Who Moved My Cheese, The Sink will ignite individuals, employees, leaders, and CEOs in organizations and homes across the world to give more, pay attention to the details, and achieve results by leaving everything better than the way they found it.

Ever met a stranger who changed your view of life forever? The Sink tells the story of such and encounter and the single sentence that can change the way you look at relationships, work, yourself, and the world. There are many day-to-day interactions that we brush off as unimportant. What if we saw more? What if we left ourselves, others, and the world better than how we found them? What would that mean for your career, for your family and friends, for your life?

Consider what could happen if we took responsibility for not just our mess, but cleaned up found messes, even if it isn’t ours. What could this mean for a company? What if you taught your employees to take the initiative to leave the world and the things around them better than they found them?

The Sink is the story of the small moments that make the biggest impact on our lives and our business, if only we pay attention. All it takes is one moment to transform and shift our perspective.

ISBN: 9781954437784
Publisher: Clovercroft Publishing
Pub Date: 11/2022
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