The Secret Key To The Emerald Tablets: Revealed By Thoth The Atlantean With His Divine Counterpart



The Secret Key to the Emerald Tablets, in large print and easy-to-understand modern English, is comprised of commentaries channeled directly from Thoth the Atlantean and His Divine Feminine Counterpart, Seshat.

To understand fully the entire volume of The Emerald Tablets one must first grasp the Secret Key contained within this book.

When Thoth asked Divine Channel Rebecca Marina Messenger to bring forth his commentaries, He insisted on including the insights of His Counterpart, Seshat, Fairy Godmother of Egypt, who brings the Feminine perspective to this part of The Emerald Tablets.

The Secret Key to the Emerald Tablets will reveal to you:
– The most important factor for the fulfillment of your soul path
– The true hidden power of your chakra system
– The previously hidden power words that activate your energy centers
– The real value of The Feminine Perspective
– How to bring more sexuality, strength and joy into your life “How many times have you heard someone say “Follow your heart?”

What does that really mean and just HOW does one do that anyway? The Secret Key to the Emerald Tablets teaches much wisdom regarding following your heart and precisely HOW to do that.

The masculine and feminine conversational dialogues in this work brings a feeling of depth and joint understanding. Lana Nelson, Author The Food Codes: Intuitive Eating for Every Body

ISBN: 9780975939079
Publisher: Celebration Healing Publishing
Pub Date: 12/2020
Format: Paperback
Large Print
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