The Secret Art of Coffee Reading: Ancient Secret Revealed


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Publisher: Thorpe-Bowker
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What is your coffee trying to tell you? Are you one the many millions of people who read their daily horoscope, looking to see what the future holds? Perhaps your one of the many who spends hundreds of dollars visiting psychic readers looking for answers? What if I told you that your morning cup of coffee could give you the answers that you seek (and more) – all you have to do it look For century’s, coffee reading has been a secret art form that has been passed down through generations of family’s and kept between the fortunate few lucky enough to inherit this ancient gift. The coffee patterns left inside your cup are symbols of your future and each one is trying to tell you something. Once you learn this special technique, you will never need to wonder about your future again. An easy step by step guide, you’ll learn how to interrupt symbols, open your third eye and receive the messages your coffee has been dying to tell you. A must have book for coffee enthusiasts wanting to get even more from their daily cup of coffee.

ISBN: 9780994455703
Publisher: Thorpe-Bowker
Pub Date: 10/2015
Format: Paperback
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Weight 0.40 lbs
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