The Science of Fingerprints


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The FBI Identification Division was established in 1924 when the records of the National Bureau of Criminal Investigation and the Leavenworth Penitentiary Bureau were consolidated in Washington, D.C. The original collection of only 810,000 fingerprint cards has expanded into many millions. The establishment of the FBI Identification Division resulted from the fact that police officials of the Nation saw the need for a centralized pooling of all fingerprint cards and all arrest records. The Federal Bureau of Investigation offers identification service free of charge for official use to all law enforcement agencies in this country and to foreign law enforcement agencies which cooperate in the International Exchange of Identification Data. Through this centralization of records it is now possible for an officer to have available a positive source of information relative to the past activities of an individual in his custody. It is the Bureau’s present policy to give preferred attention to all arrest fingerprint cards since it is realized that speed is essential in this service. In order that the FBI Identification Division can provide maximum service to all law enforcement agencies, it is essential that standard fingerprint cards and other forms furnished by the FBI be utilized. Fingerprints must be clear and distinct and complete name and descriptive data required on the form should be furnished in all instances. Fingerprints should be submitted promptly since delay might result in release of a fugitive prior to notification to the law enforcement agency seeking his apprehension. When it is known to a law enforcement agency that a subject under arrest is an employee of the U.S. Government or a member of the Armed Forces, a notation should be placed in the space for “occupation” on the front of the fingerprint card. Data such as location of agency or military post of assignment may be added beside the space reserved for the photograph on the reverse side of the card.

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