The Sale Is in the Tale

Author: John Livesay


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Publisher: Tradecraft Books
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John Livesay, a keynote speaker and author of the business book Better Selling Through Storytelling, presents us with a business fable set in Austin, Texas. It is about a sales representative whose old ways of selling are not working anymore. With the help of his colleague, he learns how to use storytelling in his sales meetings, which wins him more sales success than ever before. As a result, he becomes irresistible to his clients.

The Sale Is in the Tale reveals approaches that reach beyond business. They apply to many aspects of life, as is seen as the sales rep learns how to make his soft skills stronger. The reader accompanies the rep on his journey and learns how to use storytelling and strengthen their soft skills to improve their professional

and personal relationships.

From applying the methodology from The Sale Is in the Tale you will:

  • Double your closing ratio
  • Learn how to get people to go from saying “I’m interested” to “I’m in”
  • Go from pushy to persuasive
  • Tug at heartstrings to get people to open their purse strings
  • Stop drowning in the sea of sameness

ISBN: 9798985449709
Publisher: Tradecraft Books
Pub Date: 02/2022
Format: Paperback
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