The Rise and Fall of the First Galactic Empire: Star Wars and Political Philosophy


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What does Palpatine have to do with British philosopher Thomas Hobbes? Was the rise of the Empire a historical necessity? How much Nietzsche can you find in Anakin Skywalker? What does a theory of bureaucracy have to say about the Old Republic? And most importantly, what would Winston Churchill say about Jar-Jar Binks?
These are just a few questions of galactic importance not only for the fictional Star Wars political system, but many nonfictional ones. They shed light on virtually all human civilizations that had existed so far and hopefully on civilizations that may appear in the future of mankind. Despite the fact that all generations write their own unique histories, we can find many commonalities among them – especially the types of ruinous mistakes cleverly revealed in the Star Wars saga. The book chronicles the story of the rise and fall of the First Galactic Empire to understand its flourishing and necessary collapse. The story can be told to future generations so they can understand that even something that happened a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away may be extremely relevant to Earth’s socio-political systems.
“Why should you care about this book? For three reasons: first, because this book is consistently clever; second, it’s genuinely funny; and third, and most important, because its ideas matter. Many people have written about the philosophical themes in Star Wars, and what they might mean for its fans in the real world. But in this book, Mateusz Machaj takes a fresh approach that sets his work apart within the genre. Rather than focus, for example, on the religious themes of the Force or the moral implications of humanity’s relationship with technology, Machaj views the Star Wars saga as a parable about the dangers of political power. As he explains, each of the eight canonical films in the series adds its own insights into the nature of power and the corruption it breeds in society. When taken together, they offer a rich and fascinating narrative that weaves together ideas about commerce, social decline, politics, war, empire, and revolution.” Matthew McCaffrey, University of Manchester
“Machaj takes us on a whirlwind journey through the entire Star Wars series to draw out themes and lessons that most people miss, and that are the key to the peace and prosperity of our own galaxy.” Thomas E. Woods Jr., New York Times bestselling author and host of the Tom Woods Show

ISBN: 9781981172603
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