The Rebirth of African Civilization



The book is an affirmation of education and an espousal of cooperative democracy as a way of life for the new Africa. It contains as well a report on social studies of African life. It also expounds on the philosophical and spiritual dimensions of African life and its prospects for the future. Amidst the current debates concerning multiculturalism and political correctness, this publication moves the discussion beyond the vagueness of ethnicity to the reality of African empowerment.

ISBN: 9783414408662
Publisher: Stanford Inversiones Spa
Pub Date: 06/2020
Format: Hardcover
Weight: 2.04lbs
Size: 10.00h x 8.00w x 0.81d

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Weight 2.04 lbs
Dimensions 10.00 × 8.00 × 0.81 in