The Prosperity Sigma: Wealth and Success with Purple Star Astrology (Zi Wei Dou Shu)

Author: Y. M. Lim


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The Prosperity Sigma is a “get rich self help” book, but of the metaphysical kind. Wealth and success are important aspects for most people. Many have worked hard for riches and fortune, but they always lead to variable outcomes, usually futile. Without knowledge of our destiny, we often fumble along in the darkness, believing that the future is but a mere figment of our mind and that by the sheer volition of our freewill, we can shape our own future. That is right to a certain extent if we do not place fate in the equation. Freewill does play a part in shaping our destiny, but fate is a predestined condition that is not apparent to most people. Using the most highly renowned and accurate system of astrology: Purple Star Astrology also known as Zi Wei Dou Shu, it will prove them otherwise; that fate is already cast in stone from the day that we are born, and that only with knowledge of fate can we then exercise our freewill effectively. This is a book that will help to improve your fiscal situation. The Prosperity Sigma is a treasure map that will help you identify the hidden pots of gold that you might pass by throughout the course of your life, as well as allowing one to navigate safely from potential pitfalls along the way. This book reveals the following: -144 Types of Birth Template Profiles from Single Star, Double Stars and Empty Life Palaces for easy reference on financial strengths, weaknesses, career options, investment strategies and extensive insight of personality for individuals. -Identification of specific good and bad luck periods for important financial decisions and timings. -Detailed and thorough concepts of wealth in Zi Wei Dou Shu from stars to formations. -Special tools and techniques that can be used to test for affinity to wealth, perform assessment on potential partnership, and analysis of luck periods. -Secret and effective remedies for wealth enhancement and luck improvement.

ISBN: 9781494372293
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Pub Date: 02/2014
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