The Prepper’s Emergency First Aid & Survival Medicine Handbook


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Just to say Thank You for checking out this Book I want to give you a copy of my upcoming special report “The Prepper’s Supplies Guide for When Disaster Strikes” Go to to reserve your FREE copy now. Limiting the severity of destruction, whether from human or natural causes, begins with preparedness. Survival Family Basics – The Prepper’s Emergency First Aid & Survival Medicine Handbook is the first tool to place in your Kit. This book contains proven steps and strategies, from over 25-years of Disaster Response and Emergency Preparedness, on how to build an emergency first aid kit with traditional items and non-traditional items, identify the signs and symptoms of life threatening injuries that occur during disasters, administering emergency first aid treatment, and having knowledge of essential survival medications both pharmaceutical and homeopathic. As the roar of the destruction begins to fade in the background will you know how to provide emergency first aid to those around you? When the public service announcement disrupts your favorite television show, will you know what do following a chemical attack? After completing this book, you will: -Be able to identify which injuries are most likely to occur with a disaster and know how to administer basic first aid that may make a difference between life and death. -Have an understanding of manmade terrorism events and resources to keep you and your family safe. -Soon view the common household items in your home as rescue items and survival medications. -And much more During a disaster, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and hospitals are rapidly overwhelmed. All too frequently community centers and school football fields becoming make shift triage centers and morgues. The best way to ensure that you and your family makes it out of a disaster situation with a positive outcome is to plan and Prep. That’s what we’re about to do, so let’s get started Just scroll up and get your copy of Survival Family Basics – The Prepper’s Emergency First Aid & Survival Medicine Handbook, before it’s too late

ISBN: 9781500579180
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Pub Date: 07/2014
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