The Possibility Project: A Guided Journal for Creating What’s Possible



This journal isn’t about hoping you fit every little detail of your life into a planner. The Possibility Project is about discovering what you truly value and creating what’s possible through productivity, creativity, movement, and purpose.

If you are already burnt out, continuing to push your limits keeps your out-of-control blaze burning. What if you created a new spark and burned it with intention? This journal is not about getting it all done, rather the The Possibility Project is about creating what’s possible based on what is already working in your life and what you truly value. It’s time to get to the point and stop wasting energy on bursts of motivation and hope when you can use this journal to help you focus on what you are truly capable of doing. Whether you accomplish what you are looking for in ninety days or two years, this journal will guide you through getting present to what is already working in your life, creating actionable goals to get you to a purposeful point, and giving you space to check-in and hold yourself accountable along the way.

ISBN: 9781685550288
Publisher: Collective Book Studio
Pub Date: 02/2023
Format: Hardcover

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