The Order of Chaos

Author: Lyra Wolf


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Publisher: Ravenwell Press
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Ending the worlds was supposed to be fun…

After five hundred years of imprisonment and torture, Loki the trickster god has broken free and is consumed with revenge. He has a promise to fulfill-he’s coming for the gods and will burn Asgard to the ground for what they did.

Igniting Ragnarok, the end of everything, will be a glorious surprise.

Except the gods have a surprise of their own.

Sigyn, the delightfully stubborn woman he loves, is alive.

This complicates his plans to break all the Nine Worlds. The fact that she also has an elven lord beau complicates them further. Afterall, three is a crowd.

Loki puts his raging vengeance on hold, wanting to stop what he started and protect Sigyn from a fiery death.

But, this is Ragnarok and one never can predict the apocalypse, and Loki is no longer sure if he’s in control. Chaos isn’t about to start taking orders from anyone, not even the god of chaos himself-and it has a universe to destroy.

ISBN: 9781944912413
Publisher: Ravenwell Press
Pub Date: 02/2022
Format: Hardcover
Weight: 1.23lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.75d

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Weight 1.23 lbs
Dimensions 9.00 × 6.00 × 0.75 in